Here’s Johnny!

Check out the fun we had with HOMAGE in creating Johnny Foosball

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Sprint Network Vision

Elevate created an easy to follow representation of the new network build Sprint has been building nationwide

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Elevate partnered with Bonfire Red to create the brand introduction for Huawei and the Ascend Mate 2 in the US

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Baggallini Fall 2014

The beauty of Charleston, South Carolina

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Live Action Reel


Motion Graphics Reel

We create stories that come to life on any screen.

We create experiences that spark universal emotion through cinematic storytelling. Stories that remind individuals that they are a member of humanity in this vast world we all share. It’s why we aren’t just a commercial or entertainment company. Simply put, we are visual storytellers. We’re visual storytellers who also understand the new digital content landscape. We helped create it. We know the world of YouTube and the talent that is taking it over. Personally. We know the platforms and strategies and how to pull together programs backed by data. The right data for building scaleable programs. Really scaleable from small to really, really big. Left brain and right brain. 

We’re a mix of filmmakers, agency types, and YouTubers: ­ digital creators that are happy the areas of entertainment, advertising and technology have smashed head first into one another. We’re comfortable here. Let us help you do the same.

Original Content

Distribution models are rapidly shifting and the way audiences consume entertainment has fragmented faster in the last few years than ever before since the invention of the moving picture. Elevate is  creating avenues and opportunities in this new world of content by embracing the many new distribution outlets and creating a liquid storytelling model.

Elevate introduces it’s sister company Iceberg Farm, an entertainment company creating content for online, television and film. Based in Columbus, OH and Los Angeles, CA our team includes major experience from companies such as MTV, YouTube, Maker Studios and major agencies. Find out how we’re bringing together storytelling, audience development and brand integration in this new world of online content.




We are a full production studio with capabilities from concept through post. Productions have spanned the globe. We have a strong roster of directors and production partners in the Midwest and Los Angeles. Hit us up, we can make it happen. 

Production & Development:
Scripting and treatment development
Financial models & strategy
Preproduction services
Full production support/crew
Post Production:
Online/offline editing in all digital formats
Motion graphics
Visual effects/compositing
3D animation
Color correction
Digital Strategy:
Multiplatform content strategy
Audience development
YouTube channel management
Influencer marketing
Brand integration
Native advertising










Columbus Office:
3199 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, Oh 43202