Here’s Johnny!

Check out the fun we had with HOMAGE in creating Johnny Foosball

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Sprint Network Vision

Elevate created an easy to follow representation of the new network build Sprint has been building nationwide

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Elevate partnered with Bonfire Red to create the brand introduction for Huawei and the Ascend Mate 2 in the US

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Baggallini Fall 2014

The beauty of Charleston, South Carolina

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Live Action Reel


Motion Graphics Reel


Boil it down and that’s the single most important element in any production. Everything else is there to support it. Elevate’s story is simple. Here it is. Elevate operates as a collective, it enables a story to be told in the most compelling and proper way possible that fits the time and budget constraints. Narrative is our strong suit, stuff like brand videos, webisodes, music videos, and features.


The people you want to see and hear your story. Without them, you’re a tree falling in the woods unheard. We have worked with many of the very top professionals in the online world on their audience development strategies. Literally billions of views and millions of subscribers. If we’ve helped them and learned from them, just think what we can do for your business. Online content is not just a nice shot at a one-off video anymore. It’s a necessity in order to engage and attract audience that you can build a loyal brand following around.

That’s the short story.


Distribution models are rapidly shifting and the way audiences consume entertainment has fragmented faster in the last few years than ever before since the invention of the moving picture. Elevate is committed to creating avenues and opportunities in this new world of content by embracing the many new distribution outlets. YouTbe, Online Video, VOD, International Partnerships all enable self-distribution. Film-making has democratized. The playing field has been leveled more than even before.

Elevate introduces it’s sister company Iceberg Farm, an entertainment company creating content for online, television and film. Based in Columbus, OH and Los Angeles, CA our team includes major experience from companies such as MTV, YouTube, Maker Studios and major agencies. Find out how we’re bringing together storytelling, audience development and brand integration in this new world of online content.




We are a full production studio with capabilities from concept through post. Productions have spanned the globe. We have a strong roster of directors and production partners in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well. Hit us up, we can make it happen. 


Post Production:
Online/offline editing in all digital formats
Motion graphics
Visual effects/compositing
3D animation
Color correction










Columbus Office:
3199 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, Oh 43202
West Coast Production:
Hotbed Media | Stokes McIntyre
120 2nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94105